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SYNECTIKS provides industry-leading expertise services and solutions that allow you to address your specific needs and execute on the best-agreed approach to build and manage a cloud-enabled enterprise, that aligns with your transformation goals.

Whether you are yet to explore or have already started your cloud journey, we help you to accelerate your company’s digital transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of the game.

With our expertise on Cloud Solutions we will deliver it the way you need it – on-premise or private, public or hybrid cloud. Get no-cost expert guidance.

We’ll listen to You! Your business objectives and growth strategy. Schedule a 30-minute consultation to get your expedition to cloud started.

Cloud Backup

Efficiently Protect, Manage and Recover Your Data

  • Protect, manage and access the information you need.
  • A single interface manages data at a fraction of the time, effort and cost required by separate point products.
  • Simplify data management in complex networked storage environments with a consistent way to locate and manage data and applications.

Backups and significantly-restores, should be promptly available inside your budget. Assumed the advances in cloud and hybrid IT environments, it’s time to switch your capital budget, backup operations, quality management, tools and facilities with a secure, versatile pay-per-use choice from a trustworthy partner.

SYNECTIKS Backup as a Service provides cost-effective managed service for backup and recovery of all types of data. We offer this service where you need it and we ensure compliance with national data sovereignty rules through locally deployed assets and in-country support.

SYNECTIKS protects all of your structured and unstructured data while enabling self-service restoration capability to your application teams. We provide support for:

  • Protects files and folders from Servers and Clients
  • Integrates with workloads including SharePoint, Exchange, Database, Servers and VMs
  • Protects guest workloads running in VMware environments
  • Granular restore capability such as mailbox recovery, DB level recovery and Files

Why choose SYNECTIKS?

SYNECTIKS can deliver end-to-end backup services and support:

  • Cost Optimization: Unlike competitors whose models increase backup costs over time, SYNECTIKS helps clients optimize and even reduce backup costs.
  • Flexibility:Scale up and down based on demand.
  • Security: SYNECTIKS provides end-to-end security expertise to protect your data. Data is encrypted in your data center and stored encrypted in SYNECTIKS Cloud - the encryption key is stored and managed locally. 256 AES Encrypted, IP Access restricted.
  • Reliable: Copies of the data are stored to a single data center location and optionally at an additional, remote datacenter.
  • Efficient: De-duplication and compression technologies, ensure that multiple copies of the same data is removed from backup cycles, thus optimizing storage capacity.
  • Peace of Mind: True backup not just storing data.

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