Cloud Your Way!

SYNECTIKS provides industry-leading expertise services and solutions that allow you to address your specific needs and execute on the best-agreed approach to build and manage a cloud-enabled enterprise, that aligns with your transformation goals.

Whether you are yet to explore or have already started your cloud journey, we help you to accelerate your company’s digital transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of the game.

With our expertise on Cloud Solutions we will deliver it the way you need it – on-premise or private, public or hybrid cloud. Get no-cost expert guidance.

We’ll listen to You! Your business objectives and growth strategy. Schedule a 30-minute consultation to get your expedition to cloud started.

Hosted Infrastructure

Hosted Infrastructure

SYNECTIKS Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides computing, networking and storage services with a high degree of control, security and simplicity.

Support your mission-critical applications and workloads with instant and scalable infrastructure. With SYNECTIKS IaaS, you can focus on your business needs instead of spending the time and money it takes to plan, procure, secure and manage the right infrastructure to meet your application demands.

Quickly Provision Infrastructure for all Your Workloads

Whether your mission-critical applications powered by Linux, Windows Server, SAP or Oracle, SYNECTIKS offers support for these and other workloads, including your favorite Open Source technologies, choose from a wide variety of virtual machine sizes and storage performance classes configured for specific types of workloads.

Let SYNECTIKS keep Your Data Secure

SYNECTIKS safeguards data in facilities that are protected by industry-leading physical security systems and are compliant with a comprehensive portfolio of standards and regulations.

Reduce and Optimize Infrastructure

Deliver the availability, security and performance your workloads require at a fraction of the cost of running them on-premises. Pay for only the infrastructure you use for virtual machines, reduce expenses for predictable workloads with SYNECTIKS Reserved VM Instances.

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