About Us

“syn-ec-tics – [si-nek-tiks] – the study of creative processes, esp. as applied to the solution of problems
by a group of diverse individuals.”

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals from various fields who are determined and dedicated to delivering world class professional services to our patrons.

Why Synectiks?

Subject Matter Expert – Is what we believe. We invest time in training and technical advancement of our engineers. Each technician is fully trained and certified to perform in the area of expertise. Any engineer associated with us is competently skilled in designing and executing the solution.

Our methodology to assess, identify, plan, execute and support is the foundation for all engagements with our patrons. We ensure that your network and storage environments are operating optimally.

3-tier intervention, compliance, high availability, regulatory, network access and redundancy across 150 data centers with a global footprint, Synectiks offers “Cloud Your Way” to take advantage of Cloud shift. Private Cloud, Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud- which is best for your business goals for the future? We meticulously work with you to develop and advance specific end-to-end cloud initiatives using technologies and services by adapting your current IT environment to a cloud model and bridge the cloud capabilities to your business goals.

In an era where “technology” and “networking” gear up to change the game in a highly competitive business arena, many organizations fail to recognize the best player who can manage their cut- throat business to accomplish desired goals. Identifying customer pain points and incorporating a strategy that triggers an efficient management can be challenging. Synectiks is a pioneer in understanding, addressing, and providing complete enterprise solutions by using latest technology which suits our clientele. Our ideas are idle, flexible, straightforward and innovative. Today, we assist our customers, across various industries and sectors, in harnessing the power of transformation of their businesses by providing and implementing cost-efficient and agile IT solution

Our Mission

“To provide clients with the highest level of service backed by a pioneering spirit, operate with the highest commitment, quality, dedication and to meet customer demands as their businesses continue to change and grow.”

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