A complete Atlassian toolsets are used to create your product from inception to delivery. We are an Atlassian product expert. We tailored nearly 20+ business applications for small to mid-range customers as per their business needs using the Atlassian product suite. We understand your business use cases and promptly implement it through Atlassian product suite. We use Jira/confluence/ (git or subversion), (Jenkins/bamboo), fisheye, crucible, crowd, and Linux tools to automate entire business use cases. We install the complete suit in the cloud or in-house and implement your workflows and business rules. Just hover over the below points to find out the whole process involved in performing the different services.

  1. Confluence customization / optimization / writing plugins and macros / single sign-on / integration with JIRA and other external tools.
  2. Customization / optimization / writing plugins and macros / single sign-on / integration with confluence/git/ ERP and other external tools. The customization includes – JQL/Dashborad/ workflows/projects field /screens
  3. Jira / Confluence plugins according to your business case requirement
  4. Integration / Application integration / External Application Integration
  5. Creating business use cases with a right combination of CMS / RMS / DMS. Confluence is used as CMS, Jira RMS, Alfresco DMS
  6. Complete operation orchestration through Pentaho kettle
  7. Automate release management through Maven/ Yum
  8. Test Automation and Continuous Integration scripting in Jenkins/bamboo
  9. Infrastructure support for private or public cloud to run the Atlassian suite

Key Points of our Services:

  1. Our track record with old customers – 100% retention, 5 rating always, highest quality certificate, long-term association, minimum 50% cost-benefit against any nearest competitors.
  2. Service warranty / 24*7 support through skype/email/service desk management.
  3. One stop solution –We have the expertise in the following areas–
    1. Core programming for any program issues
    2. Efficiency to understand your requirement and translate them
    3. 24*7 support
    4. Infrastructure management

Key testimonials:

  1. We did installation/ optimization/ customization for a US product company for their ALM for 1k+ user setup with clustering.
  2. We did a complete application lifecycle management setup (Jira/confluence/git/Jenkins/..) for a Netherlands startup company(Wemmenhove) for their product development.
  3. We did a complete content management with service desk management and single sign-on for a midsize US company(
  4. We did a complete service desk + collaboration for Lifealert located in Canada
  5. We did an entire service desk + collaboration + product lifecycle management for Vertixone
  6. We did a complete document lifecycle management for a law firm(Layfieldwallance)
  7. We executed a customized service desk implementation for 3Clogic in Atlassian OnDemand