What do our bigdata serveices Mean to you?

In a big data world -- whether you are struggling to manage the data volume or speed of your processing or the variety of data, our managed services can help you. We have the defined service to scale up your website or enable massive data processing. More often its seen that your existing underutilized resources can meet your existing big data need, and you can reclaim them. Our tools help you to find out your unused storage/processing resources, or you can duplicate resources scattered across, retrieve and consolidate them through advanced virtualization, make sure that you use fewer copy data by using some of the technologies like snapshots / linked clone. For your volume provisioning, you can use some advanced file system capabilities to minimize your storage usage. We also make you cut your big data stuff in multiple chunks of small data issues and easily solve them – This can be achieved either by consolidating your processing power across multiple nodes or even consolidating your memory across multiple nodes and doing in memory processing or adopting the NoSQL databases. Our Big data consultants work with your IT team to design and implement your big data issues.

our services

Our portfolio of bigdata services include

  1. Resource reclaim service
  2. Application Scalability / Performance Services
  3. Bigdata Cluster Management
  4. Map- reduce job writing
  5. Big log processing
  6. NoSQL databases consulting
  7. Bigdata Analytics services
  8. Distributed file system services

How we are different?

We have got expertise at each level -- right from your application / DB/ file system / Storage / Network. Therefore, we look at your system from a complete 360-degree perspective. Our rapid prototyping for any solution in our lab gives you real data to make decisions. All these services at a very competitive service cost.

High Performance Computing

We help clients to adopt right distributed computing -- creating a custom cluster for their application or big data Hadoop cluster based on Apaches Messos or Ambari and help you with integrating spark language. We also write simple Hadoop jobs either through pig/hive or Pentaho big data engine.

Bigdata Analytic

We write your big data analytic reports either through Pentaho Analytic or Yellowfin Analytic.

Bigdata Volume service

Whether to reclaim your idle storages for your big data need or creating a massive fail system on hdfs/ zfs / cluster/luster/ CEPH on btrfs or creating high-density purpose-built storage for your big data need, we can help you with a right design and implement it at the right time.