Cloud Migration

Planning to retire your Data Center, Operations, or move some workloads to the cloud.
Become software-defined rather being defined by Hardware complexity.
Trying to become DevOps centric? We are all yours

You might have an existing application that is hard to scale and manage. Also, your hardware and operation expenses may be high. Our migration services help you to own cloud in secure and risk-free manner. Our assessment program does a 360-degree audit of your existing system and identifies gaps to bridge. You will make informed decisions on the cloud strategy based on adequate POC and benchmark data. We help you to craft the futuristic NIST compliant architecture from best practices. We deliver a clear roadmap and migration plan along with risk mitigation plan and execute migration project seamlessly without any downtime.

Our Assessment Program SOW
  • Discovery:- Existing workload, Topology, Dependency, Process Workflow
  • Assessment & Audit:- Checklist based 360-degree audit of scalability, High Availability, Management, Security, Performance, Data Protection
  • Planning:- Migration RoadMap, Risk Plan, Proposed Architecture, ROI-TCO Analysis, Execution Plan
  • Execution:-Phase-wise workload migration, either Lift & Shift or re-platforming


  • ROI – Typical monolith to microservices migration project takes six months. Microservice delivers 10X agility, 30X reliability, and 10X operational efficiency
  • TCO reduced to 60%, because of 80% operation cost, 70% Hardware Cost, and 100% License cost saving
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