Cloud Services

Create high performing Private / Public / Hybrid Cloud, that Scale.
Orchestrate with our open automation bots.


Your business demand agility and speed, gone are those days where you could afford to create application in months or years effort.Today you need to deliver fast and probably you will develop only microservice , bigdata or IOT apps.We deliver you highly tested readymade framework or the expertise on proven open framework.That helps you to create scalable applications rapidly.


Component Engineering

We have created our own open component or customized some existing components that have very flexible licensing.We have crafted scalable component framework which are extremly secure and standard compliant.You can create any application rapidly based on those components.

Specialized Resource

We have trained specialized resources on frameowrk based application development. They have the expertise to develop microservices, bigdata and IOT applications.

Key Services

  • Managed services for
  • vmware vcloud and openstack
  • AWS / Azure / Google cloud implementation and Maintenance
  • Intel Rack Scale Design implementation
  • Hardware Aggregation across clouds

Delivery Model:

Either delivery based or specialized resource timing based.

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