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Transformation for Todays Digital Business!

Enterprises looking for modernization of their legacy stack and operate to faster and competitive way, can use SYNECTIKS - Open Platform to bring the cultural transformation and agility needed for today’s business. Whether it is a new business application or transformation of legacy applications, our open platform coupled with our experience and expertise accelerates the project execution @50% time & cost.

“DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices and tools that increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes. This speed enables organizations to better serve their customers and compete more effectively in the market.”

Technology Transformation:

SYNECTIKS build the most powerful open product that helps customers to provision resources across clouds in complete Software-Defined way and deliver modern Container and FAAS driven workloads on it. The platform take care of Continuous Delivery, Test Automation, Continuous Security, Continuous Compliance and does Continuous Automation to make sure the workload runs seamlessly with the highest security, performance, scalability and availability.

DevOps  Transformation

“Over 85% of enterprise IT organizations will commit to multi-cloud architectures by 2018, IDC. End User experience, Security, Agility, Flexibility, Consumption Based pricing are most important five priorities for CIO’s today. Synectiks is one of very few technology companies, who delivers managed services on advanced technologies backed by an open xformation platform that accelerates your DevOps transformation journey @50% time & cost.”

Cultural Transformation:

Cultural Transformation

Why Transformation Matter?

Competition, new products and continuing pressure to monetize older services severely taxing many businesses driven by legacy applications and infrastructure. To maintain competitive edge in a highly dynamic market, business need to re-imagine the customer experience in lower economics. Synectiks xformation platform can help with the rapid development and delivery of microservices oriented applications across clouds and geographies, address operational complexity and the need for monitoring/tracing/resilience. Modernize your legacy application and infrastructure with ease and speed with our open platform.

Ensuring that you stay ahead of race and keep disrupting by adopting most modern technologies intelligently and effectively, requires a managed services partner who understand your requirements for:



Introduction of New products or transforming your existing legacy monolith applications to microservices faster while maintaining Operational Control and Customer Visibility.



Grow cost-effectively to meet new organizational and business requirements across the enterprise using a highly scalable architecture that can distribute the workloads across clouds, enables hybrid cloud adoption with maximum security and highest flexibility.



Provision and Manage infrastructure, application services in complete software-defined way with maximum automation so that you never fall into security loopholes. Enables Continuous Audit, Continuous Security/Compliance to have real time checks and visibility on security guidelines.

Traditional Vs Multi-Cloud, Hybrid System

Traditional System

99% application doesn’t scale, manual configuration, 50% time spent on repeated activities, lack of flexibility to move & migrate, Vendor locks, absence of real-time monitoring, infinite mails, 90% unused hardware.

Multi-Cloud, Hybrid System

SYNECTIKS Xformation platform gives you the flexibility to craft your high performant hybrid cloud in most secure way. Run your workloads and might as well use some native services in private cloud space. Our Open Platform helps to orchestrate Container delivery platform in any cloud strategy, be it Private, Public or Hybrid.

To leverage the lower TCO, performance and scalability, security and compliance, there is a need to operate in complete software-defined way, reduce CAPEX and OPEX significantly, aggregate and optimize resources across clouds to run any workloads in most secure way.

Key Benefits

Maximum Flexibility

Synectiks Xformation platform coupled with its cross-cloud infrastructure delivers the maximum flexibility to run/move your high performant workloads across clouds and manage them through a single pane of glass.

Faster Delivery

Synectiks Xformation platform enabled infrastructure and application provisioning is complete software defined manner with regulatory compliant architectures. The existing assets and best practices enable project delivery in weeks than months.

Better Quality

Through Synectiks Xformation platform, you can continuously delivering containerized and serverless microservices verified through stringent quality gates that run across clouds and geographies ensuring 100% availability and maximum performance.

Lower Costs

Everything software-defined and maximum automation ensure lowest TCO. A successful Digital Modernization project delivers 10X agility, 30X reliability and 10X operational efficiency. At least 50% TCO reduction due to 80% operations, 50% hardware and 100% license cost savings.

Where do you find your current DevOps Maturity!

DevOps Maturity

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