“If you are willing to create/manage
your entire data center in most secure and reliable
way through few pieces of codes, we can help you”.

Hardware defined world Everything Software Defined
A complete enterprise product environment rollout takes around 6 months to 1 year (include architecture / design / implementation) Max 2 Hours, with all best practices, can be applied repeatedly
You use effectively 10% of the Hardware Resources across servers >90%
Capex in Hardware investment is 10X X
You spent 80% time and effort in operations 10%
Opex is 15X X
Frequent manual configuration mistakes generates 90% security breaches 0%
Retired / unused hardware wastage is huge NIL
Achieving scalability is a challenge Everything horizontal / Automatic
Your release cycle is in months Hours
Hardware failure affects reliability – business sla’s Five 9’s reliability

Our deep expertise on infrastructure as code along with modern devops help customers to become a complete software defined organization and adopt a devops culture where very few smart programmers manage a highly scalable robust system.

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