Q. What you guys do?

We are delivering software defined solutions. We will help you to own any cloud and create, manage your entire infrastructure backbone through code. You scale out in any cloud and become vendor agnostics.

Q. How you do that?

We are implementing an open cloud architecture , that aggregates hardware at every level and make application to scale out. We are delivering devops on aggregated platforms. The architecture guarantees highest scalability, optimal hardware usage with minimal operations.

Q. What you guys are ultimately delivering

We are writing a API orchestration layer on the top of aggregation API. We will deliver open tools / framework to implement this open architecture.

Q. How you guys are different from others

Q.Why should i come to you instead of other managed service provider who are very big

We are not selling people with some common skill sets.We are commited to offer you the flexibily to go any cloud , rapidly develop apps and automate operations. We invest highly on developing open tools , frameworks that helps you to craft and maintain high quality solutions in economic way.You simply pay for add on services for extension and automations.We key strength is end to end open ended solutions.

Q. You guys have any big references

Q. You guys have key numbers

Q. How you guys engage

Primarily through assessment -> Demo /POC -> Implementation project.

Q. Billing model

Either delivery based or specialized resource timing based.