The use of information technology in healthcare is changing so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up without help. Make easy work of understanding your technology needs and which solutions will most effectively fulfill them.

Representing the best in current and emerging technologies, we can deliver the powerful capabilities you require with our Cloud and Managed Services, professional consulting and design services, and in-house solutions designed to enable you to meet today’s and tomorrow’s health care mandates.

Synectiks Healthcare offerings include:

Health Cloud

With more and more healthcare organizations forming, large and small scale organizations can no longer afford isolated systems and databases that cannot interoperate. The pressure is on to integrate data and applications, and to embrace health information exchanges.
Meanwhile, as healthcare organizations gather increasing amounts of patient data, as the need to analyze the data grows, analysis requires significant computing resources to meet the expectations and needs of the business.
Our Cloud/Managed Services infrastructure, available via a coast-to-coast network of 24/7 Service Delivery Centers, provides the environment you need to bring computing resources to bear without the time and risk of failure that inhibits so many in-house data centers.
Using the best-emerging technologies, we can deliver the powerful capabilities you require with our Cloud and Managed Services. Professional consulting, design services and in-house solutions enable you to meet today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare mandates.

Security and Data Protection

Despite strengthened HIPAA privacy and security rules, healthcare data breaches continue, and new security risks are swiftly emerging. Our Managed Security services help you accomplish the risk assessments you need and deploy the capabilities necessary to protect confidential data both in transit and in storage.

Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

Few healthcare organizations cannot afford to lose access to patient-care applications or patient data—yet too often they are vulnerable to single points of failure because of inadequate planning for the safety of patient data. Our customizable business continuity/disaster recovery capabilities ensure the availability and resilience of systems, networks, patient data, and clinical applications.

Desktop Virtualization

Manually maintaining PCs is costly and daunting, but we can ease those burdens with virtual desktop solutions—either desktops-as-a-service (DaaS) or virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI)—that reduce desktop costs and improve security.


Using video conferencing technology in healthcare organizations, benefit a lot in providing communication, transforming patient care and build a niche expertise all available at reduced cost. Our Cloud HD Videoconferencing capabilities make telemedicine easily accessible and affordable to deploy—even for small practices. It also helps improved communication with patients.


Like everyone else, healthcare professionals are opting for mobile devices in high numbers. We can help you manage the growing population of wireless devices with mobile device management services and can help you keep the data safe from theft or loss of data.

Unified Communications

Simplify your organization’s communications technologies with our Unified IP Communications, which can cut costs and dramatically simplify provisioning, management, and maintenance with services that include anytime/anywhere voicemail access, hosting of Mail Server with 99.999% uptime, customizable email services, hosted IP PBX, and voice-over-Internet (VoIP).

Custom Application Development

The new healthcare apps appearing almost daily sometimes need adapting. With our custom application development, now you can do almost everything and model the way you want it to be. We even offer an App Dev-as-a-Service infrastructure and application security scanning as well as mobile development expertise.

Synectiks makes it easy for you to discover what you need and to make sure your organization gets the information technologies that enable to provide the best healthcare services possible efficiently.