Hybrid Cloud

“If you are ready to move up to the cloud, we can figure out a course that’s just right for you.”

Whether you need help in handling your on-premises environment or move operations off-premises, we can help. We build a custom cloud solution that will act as an extension of your data center. S cloud features enterprise-class infrastructure with technologies such as but not limited to VMAX, vBlock, Isilon, Cisco, UCS, and Zerto, to provide you “Peace-of-Mind as a Service.” We offer “cloud your way” with complete transparency. With data centers across the globe, we are fully certified and compliant. Our colocation services are backed by market leading SLA’s.


Every business needs a management tool where all the tedious tasks are handled with utmost care. Synectiks combines with multiple top-grade services to help mitigate risks of critical data. Retrieval and archival of data are not so easy in today’s highly competitive world. Management firms have to take a step ahead and think about the security and integrity of their critical data. By reducing cost and error-free backup management, we deliver high-quality solutions that meet your expectation.
Availability of data at all times is imperative, particularly when enterprises have to deal with diverse sectors at the same time. Not to mention old or new data, perpetuating data in an encrypted archive to ensure maximum security and compliance with data regulation policies is our prime motto. It is not necessary to store passive data on your costly storage and backup infrastructure. Synectiks cloud archive services are modeled to integrate directly with existing infrastructure.
We provide built-in security, encrypt data-in-motion and at-rest for each customer. With Synectiks Archive Service, customers can manage and control their data.

Why Synectiks Cloud Archiving?

Fewer costs by storing passive data offsite in a secure way

Move archived data from enterprise storage and backup infrastructures

Remove unwanted and unexpected costs with a predictable consumption-based cost model

Achieve the best security than with offsite tape

Integrate with other cloud services such as disaster recovery, backup, and infrastructure-as-a-service


Being a step ahead and preparing for liable disruptions is important. A business can be successful only if it anticipates the future disasters and has a robust and perfect backup strategy to encounter any unexpected inconvenience. The cloud-based backup strategy is cost efficient, secure, and simple. Venturing and implementing a backup proposal incorporates many challenging tasks, as data continues to grow rapidly and compliance requirements emerge, backing up your data becomes more perplexing every day. Is long-term retention affecting your backup infrastructure to fall out of control? Are you concerned about the recoverability of old tapes?
Synectiks offers secure cloud backup solutions that organize from fully managed to simple offsite retention of long-term backups. We can help you institute a backup solution that works perfectly for your specific needs.

Reasons to backup with Synectiks

Have complete control on backing up your data
Choose from several service models and various methods, and have the capability to change consistently
Pay as you go. Execute an operational cost model where you pay only for what you have utilized, and scale down maintenance and licensing costs
Drive your IT team to higher priorities. Our managed service options address to use your actual workforce and resources for more strategic resolutions while we govern the management of backup and restore
Control backup crash. Administer capital spending on backup software and hardware targets by reckoning on the cloud and turning back up into a utility

Disaster Recovery

If there is a plan for success, there must also be a plan for the risk involved in the success path. Nothing short of a so-called term disaster. As customer expectations reach the pinnacle, enterprises are struggling hard to scope that expected goal and give the best service to its clients from all quarters. What if there is a breakdown of business continuity and disaster recovery? Disaster recovery management has become the walk and talk in every business. No matter small or medium or large scale business, managing disaster recovery and understanding the risks involved in it is crucial. Data is unlimited, mounting rapidly along with business requirements. Where there is data, there is something hidden in the data called the critical information, and when there is sensitive information, there must be a strategy to secure the information from the effects of any adverse events or security breaches. Traditional and legacy tactics to protect your dynamic data is not going to be the best options anymore. A reliable disaster recovery strategy overcomes and covers the risks such as risk of life to employees, disruption to Business Process, Management Control & Asset recovery. Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) plays a significant role that determines an organization’s disaster recovery requirements. Synectiks DRaaS for enterprises enables to rapidly restore applications and data by failing over to Scloud according to your RTO and RPO.

Reasons you can recover easily with synectiks

  • Support full control of your replication groups and protocol. Likewise, add and remove applications and pay for what you consume.
  • Data is wrapped and plagiarized as a part of the duplication process for efficient use of existing network.
  • With rates starting as low as possible per server, you can start small and scale up quickly with ease.
  • Pay only for the data that you duplicate offsite. However, you can add and remove servers as and when required.


Scloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service provides a solution that is tailored to fulfill your specific requirements and managed by highly qualified and accredited technical experts. Clients save big by supplementing their in-house IT with an Infrastructure-as-a-Service for precise projects. With Saas, applications are installed faster and increase various core competencies to the opportunities
Synectiks unveils specific needs and identifies hidden costs, then architects and shapes your computing storage, data recovery, security, and networking that suits your business. Scloud, an extension of your business offers a flexible and powerful way to meet organizational IT objective, by making you free from the burdens of upholding infrastructure, refreshing platforms, avoiding continual investment in assets, and meeting compliance regulations.

Highlights of Hybrid Cloud IaaS:


Sometimes it is hard to make decisions and select a right consulting firm to organize the data from servers to other servers. Trust and security emanate at the first place when we think of data transfer. Migration can be critical and quite challenging and requires a lot of intuitive planning module to accomplish the task successfully. Our connoisseurs are specialized and have years of experience in transitioning and modernizing client servers. Transitioning your critical assets with zero compromising of data or loss of data is one of our top covers so far.

Plan extensively before implementing

We analyze, evaluate and audit the infrastructure carefully and craft a personalized solution that fits your business. Multifold moves and initiatives are taken to simplify the process of migration, and feasible solutions are listed.

Managing Migration

Our approach is flexible and extensive, and we adapt according to your business and change requirements to ensure the exact procedure to carry out migration without any unplanned outages.

Temporary services facilitate easy transition

Temporary lease of equipment and facilities are available for the easy migration process. We validate and simplify workflow process to give you the swift solution and ability to perform and test a new resolution as well as maintaining existing solutions.


Synectiks offers Infrastructure as Code service – In the past few years, there has been an explosion in the number of tools designed to help in a DevOps environment. We are at the forefront of this process and are active in the development of many of these tools

Benefits of Synectiks Infrastructure as Code


Cost reduction aims at helping not only the enterprise financially but also in reducing people and effort


Automation facilitates speed through faster execution when configuring your infrastructure & helps other teams across the business to work quickly and more efficiently


Removes the risk associated with human error such as manual misconfiguration; eliminating this can decrease downtime and increase reliability