What do Synectiks Infrastructure Management Services Mean to You?

We use re-engineered open source tools to monitor your infrastructure, collect system reports that help you to do capacity planning. We do performance benchmarking with Phoronix tests suites and suggest you the solution to improve in the gray areas. We run scripts in your server/network/storages to check for regular compliance. We write automation scripts to automate any manual activities you perform on a daily basis.

How you Optimize existing infrastructure with synectiks managed services

We execute the benchmarking right from your host stack into the network and storage stack. We do not need a costly SRM suite and invest huge amount just for the implementation. Our approach is rather simple -- giving you many scripts so that you know the system information quickly and effectively. The result is real data and a series of specific recommendations

Infrastructure Management solutions: engage us for seamless performance

Our portfolio of proactive managed system services includes:

We offer on-site or remote network monitoring. This 24x7 service includes:
  • Dedicated tools and staff
  • Scalability with any network configuration or platform
  • Flexibility to accommodate adds, changes, and updates to your server environment
  • Serve everyone faster and easier
  • The benefits of choosing Synectiks for managed network services applies to everyone associated with your organization. We make sure that staffs in your office do not lose phone calls or missed email messages. Applications and data files are readily available and stable. Customers have access to your organization 24x7 without hassle or inconvenience. It sounds simple, and it is. Utilize us for optimum system monitoring services and performance.

    Server/ Network / Storage Monitoring

    We help you to monitor Application / Server / Storage / Network using effective tools and provision them to you. All are open source tools, and we re-engineered them to cater your specific needs, whether it is your Hadoop cluster or Databases cluster or distributed storage or network traffic. The solutions are open and vendor neutral, and we provide you the complete support. For effective monitoring - we help you with system log processing and asynchronous event management tools.

    See our list of monitoring tools below:

    Capacity Planning

    We collect your infrastructure data through our open source tools and identify your duplicated or unused resource and help you to reclaim those resources. Its also observed that you could redeem your 60% over provisioned and duplicated resources. Even by using the virtualization solutions such as thin provisioning, duplication, and linked clone technologies, you can use your existing resources with a minimal footprint. You may not need to invest in new infrastructure for your big data need -- you can reclaim your unused resources from existing.

    Performance Benchmarking

    We do Application/server/storage/network benchmarking though Phoronix with our added custom plugins suite.The benchmarking precisely find out the bottlenecks in your system

    Regular Audit

    We do compliance/performance/security audit of your server/network/storage based on rule sets. We collect your system information through our tools and store in the database and perform auditing/compliance based on configurable rule sets.

    Scripted Automation

    We automate all of your system manual activity by using Ansible playbook or python/ shell scripting. We populate a huge database of automated scripts and ansible playbook for your automation need.

    High Availability & Load Balancing

    Whether you have a social PHP based site or a Java application, both need to be load balanced -- we have a set of solution that fits accurately to your needs. We do provisioning of nginx cluster / Apache traffic server / Apache httpd / Varnish / Haproxy based load balancing for website and database. We also provision JBoss and WebLogic cluster solution. For details see our load balancing solutions offerings for you.

    Service Desk

    You can start your service desk immediately with Synectiks service desk ready-made infrastructure and available system administrators with no upfront cost. We solve the infrastructure service tickets on storage/server/Network issues promptly with a defined SLA. The billing model gives you maximum investment protection.

    Technical stuffing :

    Our IT staffing services can save you time, money, and stress. Our selection criterion is unique, and it is not based on any stereotype exams. We hire resources and directly put them in the real-world application in our lab, and we rate them from their real-world performance. You can now be reassured that our cloud consultants deliver values and professionalism.