You can provision, configure, and manage your cloud infrastructure resources using code and templates. Monitor and enforce infrastructure compliance by making changes in a most refined and predictable manner with the flexibility to revert to the original.

Infrastructure Provisioning with Code

Gone are those days where you could afford to have a large operation team handling thousands of emails and tickets, and you face downtime for hardware failure. Today your business will not permit you to roll out a product in production for months. You need reliability and agility. That is where Infrastructure as a Code plays a prominent role. If you are willing to create/manage your entire data center most securely and reliably through few pieces of codes, we can help you. Our comprehensive expertise on infrastructure as code along with modern DevOps help customers to become a complete software-defined organization and adopt a DevOps culture where very few smart programmers manage a highly scalable robust system.

Synectiks Software Defined World

Synectiks open cloud platform gives developers and system administrators an easy way to create and manage infrastructure across clouds, provisioning and updating them in an orderly and predictable fashion. Learn how a world’s largest motor company maintained their entire IT in a complete software-defined manner and reduced the operations effort to support four different physical data centers. They have cut down on their high Capex on hardware and operations and achieved more in less. They gained agility and scalability.