Synectiks accelerated migration allows customer to leverage the data processing benefits of cloud sooner, providing cost-savings and solving scalability issues. Our approach is to use a combination of the latest industry tools, processes, experience and best practices providing the best solutions to our customers. The teams perform a quick requirements analysis and GAP analysis to understand the current setup and provide solutions to optimize your applications, storage, databases and overall infrastructure. Synectiks optimization services provides customer the ability to optimize the existing application and infrastructure as follows:

  • By taking advantage of cloud native services without having to rewrite the code
  • By doing Monolith to SOA transformation. Customers enjoy the flexibility to reuse the Synectiks Foundation Microservices components across many applications.
  • By adopting the hybrid model where some workload moves to public cloud in private address space ensuring security and performance.

Rehost :


Refactor :


Legacy Application Migration :

Two ways to extract value from legacy apps Extracting the data in a Data Lake and exposing that data through analytical tools. Business Logic: Creating microservices that become APIs enabling business user to assemble various functionalities and truly become a API driven organization with a API centric application architecture. This allows the organization to become a low-code organization where they 'assemble apps' rather than write apps.

Legacy App Migration

Accelerated Migration :

With synectiks xformation platform, companies can take advantage of an API-driven cloud architecture and get moving faster. Synectiks open xformation platform offers App/ Delivery/ Automation blocks based on cloud native services that customers can leverage to build application and services rapidly with adequate security and governance.

Accelerated Migration

Delivery Pipeline :

Synectiks xformation platform comes with industry standard CI/CD blueprint infrastructure provisioning and validation, container driven services delivery across clouds, functional testing, performance testing and security testing and stagewise production deployment tasks. By truly adopting a DevOps based cultural adoption, customers can ensure their product quality , security and compliance posture is continually maintained along with the capability to rapidly deliver features and services with ever increasing security and compliance guidelines.


Redevelopment – Microservices Based App Development :

Synectiks application development service offering allow customers to realize the real benefit of using cloud native services and boosting innovation agility. The offerings involves application redevelopment to implement use cases for batch processing, workflow processing , transient server less functionality or container based microservices. Synectiks open xformation platform offers App/ Delivery/ Automation blocks based on cloud native services that customers can leverage to build application and services rapidly. A typical microservice based enterprise application component diagram is below:

 Redevelopment Microservices

Bigdata Analytic :

Synectiks analytic service offering allow customers to create data lake for their unstructured, semi structured and structured data and derive real time visibility across their business processes by doing bigdata processing projects. Synectiks simplify the operations complexity by running the multistage transactional services, batch workloads and analytics inside a single platform. Synectiks deep expertise on hardware aggregations coupled with its analytics services offerings, customers can seamlessly run every mission critical workloads inside a single cluster platform and can truly focus on outcomes.

Bigdata Analytic

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