Modern Devops

We provide details with architecture diagram, so, you have the flexibility to aggregate
resources across clouds, develop microservices/big data/IOT application rapidly by
extending from framework, and Automate operations to go into autopilot mode.Then let's simplify.

Today's business demand agility, speed, scalability, and reliability. Cloud has empowered users with all technologies to meet the volume/velocity/variety as the business grows and demands. We understand that you have innovative business ideas and you want to grow fast. However, you spend your major time and efforts in addressing the hardware and operation complexity of IT. We believe that with the advent of current technologies around cloud, you can aggregate resources in the cloud in no time, rapidly develop microservices/big data/IOT apps and manage them in autopilot mode. This quick and swift adoption of high-end technologies will give you a chance to innovate and scale out endless opportunities.

Our Assessment Program SOW

Everything software defined

Our smart codes will create and maintain elastic infrastructure in any cloud. We will aggregate computing/storage / Network and will make sure of extreme scalability with optimal cost

Modern Devops System

When you modernize your infrastructure and will aggregate the hardware, your application will become hardware agnostics. You will need a modern devops ecosystem to perform rapid development and automated operations. Our devops will help you to achieve that.

Transform monolith to SOA

You might have your existing applications that are hard to scale. We can help you to convert the existing application to SOA microservice based application.

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We are implementing an open cloud architecture, which aggregates hardware at every level and makes application to scale out

Few key points about the architecture is:

At the physical level, you just keep adding bricks of computing/storage/network units without any additional wiring and scale across racks. You can slice out the desired physical capacity and create any private cloud of your choice. You can create a hybrid cloud inside same private network space with the highest level of security. Then, you aggregate the pool of resources on top of hybrid cloud to scale out and make sure of optimal hardware usage. Now you can develop and manage microservice/IoT/bigdata rapidly with the best ALM and operation support system. The architecture guarantees the highest scalability, optimal hardware usage with minimal operations.

Key Benefits

Speed:- A complete enterprise product environment rollout takes around six months -1 Year. With full automation, you create an entire physical backbone in a pure software defined manner in a couple of hours.


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