Cloud Your Way!

SYNECTIKS provides industry-leading expertise services and solutions that allow you to address your specific needs and execute on the best-agreed approach to build and manage a cloud-enabled enterprise, that aligns with your transformation goals.

Whether you are yet to explore or have already started your cloud journey, we help you to accelerate your company’s digital transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of the game.

With our expertise on Cloud Solutions we will deliver it the way you need it – on-premise or private, public or hybrid cloud. Get no-cost expert guidance.

We’ll listen to You! Your business objectives and growth strategy. Schedule a 30-minute consultation to get your expedition to cloud started.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud

Power of the cloud while protecting your enterprise!

SYNECTIKS Cloud Private is a reliable and scalable cloud platform that runs your infrastructure - built on open-source frameworks like Containers, Kubernetes, etc. with standard services for deployment, monitoring, logging and security.

How Private Cloud Helps Your Business:

Optimize & Secure

Securing data is essential in building mission-critical applications. Connecting that data to modern cloud services is also a priority. SYNECTIKS Cloud Private lets you do both with consistency.

Harness Powerful Cloud Services

For your open-source application run times, choose the prescriptive development approach of Cloud Foundry or the more customizable and portable method of Kubernetes Orchestration and Docker Containers.

Modernize Your Existing Applications

Modernize and migrate your applications, build new cloud-based applications and transform your architecture and infrastructure while moving to a new technology operating model.

Customize Your Resources

Employ cloud bursting, within a private cloud offering, in the event of spikes in demand. Customize the dedicated compute, storage and networking components to best suit your needs.

Begin your journey with SYNECTIKS Cloud Private. Contact Us to learn more.

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