We're your trusted cloud partner.

We are a cloud support organization who is helping customers to build custom built cloud solution as an extension of their data center. We become part of your team and craft custom cloud that suits your need for the best. Our vast experience on cloud gives you the flexibility to deliver applications, information, or resources to your locations in a safe, and secure manner. We are expert in private, public, and hybrid-cloud. We provide VMware and OpenStack based cloud solutions coupled with DevOps automation to streamline your physical infrastructure to a more virtualized well-managed environment. We help you to use hosted cloud solution in a secured fashion and integrate them in your in-house application stack. We also provide a different hosted application in AWS / OVS / Linode cloud.

Private Cloud Solutions

We set up your private cloud based on VMware or OpenStack, coupled with DevOps automation with Ansible /Python. We help you majorly in orchestration -- not only setting up your private cloud but how to leverage the highest benefit from it -- how is it used for your big data needs -- how it helps your devs need. We help you beyond building a private cloud – we bring more business agility by helping you to have an advanced application deployment workflow where few smart programmers manage your entire cloud infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The need of the hour is hybrid cloud -- you can now be able to leverage some of the existing low-cost cloud solutions without compromising your security. We assess your hybrid cloud needs and provide you the options of integrating different public cloud services effectively into your organizational processes.

Synectiks Hosted Cloud Solutions

We deliver Application Lifecycle Management / Project Management / Intranet / Service Desk Management / CRM solutions in cloud.

Cloud Migration

If you have a monolithic infrastructure - messed up with complex wiring, we are here to untangle the intricacy and help you to move to a managed cloud solution by having a well-planned migration process.

Service Desk

You can start your service desk immediately with Synectiks services. We solve the cloud service tickets promptly with a defined SLA. The billing model gives you maximum investment protection.

Cloud staffing

Our IT staffing services can save you time, money, and stress. Our selection criterion is unique, and it is not based on any stereotype exams. We hire talented resources and directly put them in the real-world application in our lab, and rate them from their real-world performance. All that you can do is sit back and relax! Our cloud consultants deliver value and professionalism that will improve the future business goals of your clientele.

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