Satish Valluripalli

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Synectiks, Inc. Satish is responsible for setting the path for the company. Operationally, in-charge of delivery team. Steadfast on building Synectiks Inc. into the company that solves the challenges of volatile storage data growth through intelligent solutions. An entrepreneur with a persistent drive for reaching higher goals while helping others to accomplish theirs. I do believe in “aim high” and “pride in what we do; no job is small or big”.

Papu Bhattacharya

Chief Technology Officer

Technology expert with 18 years of product development experience on emerging technologies. He is leading a team of 100+ developers, writing open products to simplify IT. His passion is to simplify IT transformation challenges for customers , helping organization to embrace devops culture .He is ardent learner. Currently he is working on Infra as Code, Docker ecosystem, micro services , platform aggregation, server less programming.