Transformation Services

Synectiks Transformation services elevate your business by optimizing every aspect of your operations for the public cloud or Hybrid cloud – your people, infrastructure, applications and data.

Infrastructure Transformation

Ensure every bit of your hardware environment is directly supporting your business objectives. The transition from a hardware-centric to a software-defined organization makes a huge difference in CapEx and OpEx.

Application Transformation

Applications that power your enterprise are key to generating a strong competitive advantage. Bring innovation, agility and outstanding customer experience through modern architectures and a cloud-first approach.

DevOps Transformation

Adopting a DevOps culture starts by transforming your people, technology and processes. Accelerate your DevOps adaption by using our open Automation platform and skilled resources.


What is Xformation?

It's a platform that provides peace of mind, governance, efficiency and control of multi-cloud environments. Xformation helps you to migrate and modernize your legacy business, take advantage of cloud and microservice architecture and thereby accelerate your transformation journey @50% time & cost. 
Its primary goals are:

  • Accelerated Cloud Adoption
  • Multi-cloud container orchestration
  • App-centric Optimization
  • Continuous Delivery / Compliance / Automation.
  • Automated Performance Monitoring and Cost Control
  • Microservices
  • Devops
  • RAD
  • Area Of Expertise
  • Cloud
  • Analytics
  • Monitoring
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Delivering purpose-built solutions based on open products and frameworks


Modernization traditional application and legacy infrastructure.


Empowering Organization to adopt DevOps culture with through specialized people, tools and training.


Accelerating cloud adoption and software defined transformation through open Accelerating cloud adoption and software defined transformation through open tools and frameworks.


Develop purpose-build monitoring solutions based on proven open frameworks.


Develop purpose-built Fast Data and Big Data solutions based on proven open frameworks.


Rapidly build App Blocks based business application in predictable and deterministic way.

Capture true value of cloud with highly secured, scalable, and customizable SYNECTIKS Hosted Cloud Solutions at an affordable pricing. Modern, Innovative could solutions for wide range of Server workloads, Cloud-Hosted Desktops/Workspaces, and Containers along with highly Secure Backup & Disaster Recovery options meeting SOC2 & HIPPA compliance standards.

Business Continuity & Cyber Security Services

Build Business Resiliency with modern Synectiks-Business Continuity solutions. Synectiks -Protect Cloud changes the game by integrating Data protection with high security. This synergy eliminates the complexity and makes security a center point of your solutions, keeping your Business protected and within you budget with no compromise on quality.

Secure & Custom Hosted Infrastructure Services

Synectiks Secure Cloud Hosted Services supports a wide variety of workloads & Disaster Recovery with a high degree of control, security, and simplicity. Supports your mission-critical applications and workloads with instant and scalable infrastructure meeting business compliance standards.

AWS managed Services

SYNECTIKS aws Managed Services enables companies to accelerate the adoption of the public cloud, lower operating costs, and mitigate security and compliance risks in a cost-effective monthly consumption model. As AWS Consulting Services Partner, our experts ensure that your workloads meet the requirements of the AWS Well-Architected Framework for efficient migration and operation in the AWS secured landing zones.