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SYNECTIKS aws Managed Services enable companies to accelerate the adoption of the cloud, lower operating costs, and mitigate security and compliance risks in a cost-effective monthly consumption model. As an aws Consulting Services Partner, our experts ensure that your workloads meet the requirements of the AWS Well-Architected Framework for efficient migration and operation in the AWS secured landing zones.

We help companies improve efficiency and security by automating over 80% of common operational tasks with a service that is supported by our sophisticated customer management process. Our Managed Services considerably reduce the time frame for cloud adoption and relieve your team of critical migration and operational loads so You can focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.

Security and Compliance

SYNECTIKS Managed Services offer a step-by-step extension of your security and identity perimeter in the cloud, while at the same time providing functions that support you in meeting various compliance program requirements (HIPAA, HITRUST, GDPR, SOC, ISO, PCI). Our diligence and control enable your corporate and security infrastructure policies to be enforced so that you can develop solutions and applications using your preferred development approach.

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Accelerate Migration
to Cloud

SYNECTIKS Managed Services provide an enterprise-grade, proven operating environment that enables you to migrate production workloads in days instead of months. Our Managed Services team uses the minimally feasible refactoring approach, in which only necessary changes are made to your applications to meet security and compliance requirements. AMS then takes responsibility for the operation of your cloud environment after the migration.

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Improve Innovation

Enterprise DevOps is the convergence of modern best practices for development and existing ITIL process frameworks to give you speed and flexibility while controlling governance, security, and compliance. Our Managed Services enable Enterprise DevOps by bringing AWS IaaS services together into a secure, compatible development platform that is compatible with most enterprise workloads.

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Cloud Cost Management

Optimizing cloud operations for your specific business outcomes eliminates waste and keeps costs low. Our data-centric approach to infrastructure development will ensure all critical applications are effortlessly optimized towards performance, scale, and efficiency. So, you can focus less time on maintaining your infrastructure and more on innovation.

Optimize Your Cloud Management

The way you manage, monitor, and adapt your cloud operations for your specific business outcomes determines your ability to innovate.

SYNECTIKS Managed Services take care of what matters the most: Cost, Performance, and Most importantly Security. The result is simple yet incredibly powerful – the freedom to make choices, take actions to enhance your business and innovate within your cloud environment.

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