Business Continuity & Cyber Security

Build Business Resilience with modern Synectiks-Business Continuity solutions. Synectiks -Protect Cloud changes the game by integrating Data protection with high security. This synergy eliminates the complexity and makes security a center point of your solutions, keeping your Business protected and within your budget with no compromise on quality. With its full-stack anti-malware protection and comprehensive endpoint management, Synectiks -Protect Cloud combats advanced cyberattacks with a unique integration of protection technologies while simplifying daily IT operations, endpoint deployments, management, and reporting.

Protect Cloud

Innovative and powerful web-based ALL-IN-ONE solution with one-agent on any given Server/End-point device to serve all Backup & Disaster Recovery needs along with basic necessary features like Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Vulnerability Assessment, Windows- Patch management, Remote Diagnostic assistance, and URL-filtering.

Backup as a Service

Reliable, Secure & Affordable Cloud Backup Solution with AI-based Ransomware protection. Synectiks backup solutions provide exceptional, customizable backup and storage management for any system setup: physical servers, virtual machines, PCs, business-critical applications, Databases and more.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Protection for on-premises and cloud workloads with a turn-key disaster recovery solution. Protect your workloads when disaster strikes, by instantly spinning up systems in our Disaster Recovery Cloud. Adding this service ensures the data is immediately available – and with Synectiks, it’s as easy as flipping a switch. With an easy-to-use user interface, you can effortlessly automate runbooks, testing, and failover to the Disaster Recovery Cloud during a DR event.