Protect Cloud

Protect Cloud is a SaaS based readily available Innovative and powerful web-based ALL-IN-ONE solution, with one-agent on any given Server/End-point device to serve all Backup & Disaster Recovery needs along with basic necessary features like Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Vulnerability Assessment, Patch management, Remote Diagnostic assistance and URL-filtering. All devices in your infrastructure are easily managed from a single web console and well protected to meet all Business continuity, Security, and compliance requirements.

Maintain all the basic security and protection features with a single solution, and avoid the hassle of purchasing software from multiple vendors and installing multiple agents on the same machine. Pick and choose the required license type for each server/end-point device from the following, mix and match the licenses as needed for each device in your environment.

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Features Comparison In DetailNOTARY (PAY-AS-YOU-GO)PROTECT CLOUDGAME-CHANGING PROTECTIONWorkloadADVANCEDPROTECTIONAnti-phishingAnti-spam protectionAnti-malware• APT and zero-day protection• Impression (BEC) protectionAttachments deep scanning• URL filteringThreat intelligence• Incident response services• Network control• Content control• User activity monitoring• Content discovery*Events collectionAutomated response• Security incident management• Advanced SecurityPatch management• HDD health• Software inventoryFail safe patching• Cyber scripting*Toolbox for MSP*• AI-based monitoring*• Software deployment*• Production and test failover• Cloud-only and site-to-siteVPN connections• Multiple templates• Cyber Protected Disaster Recovery*• Runbooks• Notarization and eSignature• Document templates*• On-premises content respositories (NAS, SharePoint)*• Backup of sync and share files*

Eliminate security breaches, downtime and data loss. Protect Cloud is the only solution that natively integrates cloud security, data protection and management to protect endpoints, systems and data. Integration and automation provide unmatched protection, making it simple to manage all the devices in your environment.