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Secure, Reliable & Very Affordable Cloud Backup Solution.

At Synectiks, Data Protection is the topmost priority and is monitored with utmost vigilance. Synectiks Cloud Backup with front line innovation reinforcement arrangements offer a simple, secure and moderate cloud offsite backup needs. You can have your backup offsite with sureness at Synectiks Cloud establishment at Preferred Geo Locations. Synectiks backup solutions provide exceptional, customizable backup and storage management for any system setup: physical servers, virtual machines, PCs, business-critical applications, Databases and more.


Make sure your cloud backup provider offers strong security, including encryption. It doesn't matter how well you have protected your primary systems, if your backup systems present an easy target for attackers. Any cloud backup service you use needs to have the same level of security that your primary systems have.
END to END Encryption: In-Flight and Data-At-Rest Encryption.
AI-based Ransomware protection.

Affordable Pricing
Self-service portal

Manage and control all your company Backups with easy self-service portal. The same self-service portal can be used to manage Server/End-point device Anti-Virus protection, Patch management and disaster recovery.

Self-service portal
Affordable Cloud Backup Storage Pricing

Cloud Backup Storage as low as $0.025 per GB with no Ingress & Egress charges (only charged for the storage consumed after deep compression).

Self-service portal
Efficient Backup Storage Usage

Deep Compression technologies used to optimize backup storage capacity.

Multi Secure Geo Locations
Multi Secure Geo Locations

We at Synectiks aim for 3-2-1 rule of Thumb to protect the Data, which implies that is should always have three copies of your data, that you keep it backed up on at least two different types of storage media, and with at least one copy of the data offsite.
Synectiks has different backup Secure Geo locations with different power grids to make sure your data is available when disaster strike in one location.

Host any workload
Complete protection for 20+ platforms

Streamline your data protection efforts using just one solution with support for Windows and Linux servers and VMs, eight major hypervisors, PCs, Macs, iOS and Android mobile devices, Microsoft on-premises applications, SAP HANA, Oracle Database, Office 365, G Suite, and websites.


Follow the Sun model - 24 / 7 / 365 days support from both onshore and offshore Teams.

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