Case Studies
Storage Migration

Storage Migration

SAN connectivity via Synectiks Storage Network Solutions

The leadership took a decision to become hardware/OS/Operation/vendor agnostic and achieve scalability and reliability across the organisation. We helped them with all the technologies, training to make that happen. Our open platform helped them to become complete software defined, automate all operations. We helped them to learn to manage IT in most modern way.

Storage Migration
Cloud Implement Services

Production servers require storage consolidation to scale the growth of digital data. Business requires efficient and robust storage solutions based on application needs. ERP, Big Data Analysis and IOT require a latest all-flash solution. Synectiks provides a wide range of storage solutions and has years of expertise in this domain. We enable enterprises, around the globe to connect to cloud-based IT capabilities, help optimize costs, enhance productivity and bring innovation to IT operations.

Cloud Implement Services
Synectiks SAN model

Over the years, we have developed expertise around SAN storage that led us in creating robust solutions for organizations across the globe in different domains and stages

Network Model

Our unique core-edge SAN network offering works best for the applications providing availability and load balancing.

Business Objective

Our strength in offering raw block devices of various sizes delivers best i/o response time with a high-end performance of the applications. We design and implement 3 data center, 4 data center block replications.

File Model

We design and build customized NAS solutions for enterprises based on their needs and demands. We construct robust networking file access to windows and Unix based clients.

Synectiks Cloud Solutions
L1-L2-L3-L4 support

It is our support to enterprises at various levels brought us where we are today. We support operations at multiple stages to achieve customer SLAs and we succeeded. Desktops or applications to be accessed anytime, anywhere and in any device.

Build Solutions

We offer a wide range of industry-specific storage box builds for specific niche industry domains.

Active - Active Solutions

Our active-active solutions enable application clusters to work and maintain zero downtime.

We follow ITIL process and methodologies to support various levels of supports for the enterprises.
Storage Automation

Our core strength is to automate the end to end storage operations. We use various DevOps tools to automate most of the storage jobs and with this, we receive customer requests at a faster rate.

Block and File migration

We are experts in migrating block data across multiple storage boxes. We offer solutions and services to accelerate the migration of storage hardware and data.

Cloud across the globe with 187 data centers foot print.
  • 180+ Data centers across the globe.
  • 50+ Storage experts.
  • Handled 150 + PB of storage Data.
  • 10+ cloud services offering with successful POCs.
  • 3 partnerships for joint solutions.
  • Storage assessment.
  • Storage Implementations.
  • Latest innovations in cloud.
  • Building competencies.
  • Domain experience for industries like BFSI, healthcare manufacturing and others.